A Dark Legacy Paperback

A Dark Legacy Paperback

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Born to be a pawn. Destined to be a King.

Ryker’s life has always been shrouded by darkness; a feeling that encased him since he was born, protecting him from those who hate his kind. Growing up feeling unloved, unworthy and unwanted was all he ever knew. But he was more than human- stronger, more powerful and heir to a dangerous kingdom. As his will was demising, and he was ready to accept his fate, something he always struggled with, he met Elodie. A spunky girl who has a mind of her own, and turns his world upside down. It is only then that he gets a taste of freedom. For the first time, love is no longer just a word. The shackles of darkness finally start to loosen.

But as Lucifer’s heir to Hell, Ryker is expected to follow in his Father’s footsteps and take over the army entrusted with conquering, and enslaving the mortal realm. Yet, he is changed. He has no desire to fulfill his legacy. He craves freedom. A life of his own.

On his seventeenth birthday, he runs away with Elodie in a feeble attempt to escape his legacy. However, they are intercepted and captured by the Fallen; his Father’s most loyal followers. Taken to the Underworld, Ryker is forced to become what he despises most. Without knowing of Elodie’s fate, he spirals into despair, giving into the darkness. That is, until he meets a band of derelict Nephilim that guide him back, and show him a different path. He is not alone. An escape from their Hell may just be plausible, after all. However, Ryker is entrusted into the mentorship of Abbie, better known as Abaddon. In order to fool her, he must give in to his darkest self, if he’s to survive. As he continues to spend time with the Angel of Death, he realizes she is much different than he had expected her to be. She is like nothing he could have ever imagined. And there is a connection between them that he cannot explain. No matter how much he tries, he just can’t get her out of his mind.

Strangers turn into family, and enemies become allies. But when no one is who they seem … how do you know who to trust? In a race against time, he must turn onto those who are closest to his Father, if he’s to escape, and survive.  
But can anyone truly ever escape Hell? 

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